Cyst associated with salivary gland

Cyst frequently form in the mouth associated with salivary gland. This is usually due to saliva secreting into the tissue rather than the mouth.

Mucocele:  This is a cyst formed in the lip. Usually presents as a painless lump. This should be removed. This is usually done with an injection. The cyst with the small salivary gland causing the cyst will be removed

Ranula: This is a cyst formed in the floor of mouth. This is caused by accumulation of saliva from the sublingual gland(salivary gland in the floor of mouth). The cyst has to be removed along with the gland.  This procedure is best done under General anaesthetic. The potential complication is damage to the nerve that supplies sensation to the tongue.

Detailed discussion will be had prior to the procedure by the specialist


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